In 1985 Maurizio Cocchia starts his business career founding VA.MA. Ricambi Injection parts.

From the begin VA.MA. Ricambi starts as exclusive regional dealer for MEAT & DORIA, first with focus on carburetor spare parts, then immediately follows the evolution of the electronic injection. It grows following the change and the new technology of the electronic and air conditioning. Over all these years it develops a great experience in the automotive sector that allows the company to have high technical knowledge.

In 2007, to fully satisfy the needs of the customers, the company moves its headquarters in Casoria and becomes VA.MA. srl.

It is exclusive regional dealer in Campania and Calabria for MEAT & DORIA but it deals with a lot of other companies such as: Mira, 3Effe, Krios, Gparts, Gipro, Demax.

VA.MA. S.r.l. Injection Parts it’s not just a name: it is a long-time project, a modern and important company that with its experience and with the care for the warehouse availability can have a space in the world of the electronic injection parts.